EuroPython 2022 - My notes


Python's role in unlocking the secrets of the Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope


One does not want to believe what is possible, it's hard not to compare owns impact with whats done. And it brings lots of association to the The Three-Body Problem trilogy.

Making Python better one error message at a time


Great work done to make CPython better, and great story telling at the conference. I would appreciate more about the PEG parser, but I understand that the talk was more high-level.

From pip to poetry - Python (many) ways of packaging and publishing


An introductory talk, I was not the target audience.

CPython bugs & risky features


I learn a few new tricks.

My first reaction was: "These are not bugs, it's your problem if you put untrusted code to your PYTHONPATH". But the lesson is that even when something is not a bug per-se, it can become a security risk it can be easily used in a wrong way.

CPython Developer Panel


When I attended some developer panel a long time ago, I felt like all the core developers are knowledgeable and experienced geeks. I don't know whether it is me or the developers, but this time I felt like if most of core developers were more passionate people full of energy.

HPy: a better C API for Python


My impressions was that HPy is not ready yet, but I see traction there. The speaker was nervous.

Building a Just-in-Time Python FaaS Platform with Unikraft


Introduction into mikrokernels. It sounds clever, I am wondering why I haven't heard about the mikrokernels before.

Dodging AI Dystopia: you can't save the world alone


Important topic, good examples.


PyArrow and the future of data analytics


Great introduction to PyArrow, worth listening. Pandas via PyArrow can be faster than Pandas directly.

How we are making Python 3.11 faster


Clever use of algorithms and data structures. I am wondering: With all the optimizations landing in Python, maybe we should avoid using various Python magic to keep the code performant.

How I wrote a Python client for HTTP/3 proxies


My talk:)


Multithreaded Python without the GIL


Lots of info, technical details, great insight. I have problems to keep attention when a speaker is reading the text.

Mercury - Build & Share Data Apps from Jupyter Notebook


Overview of existing tools for publishing notebooks, but I did not fully understood why another tools is needed.

The idea of Mercury is that it replaces variables by widgets.

Work in Progress: Implementing PEP 458 to Secure PyPI downloads


The topic sounds complicated (and the talk was not an easy one), but something like this is necessary to secure software pipelines.

Packaging Python in 2022


I expected comparison of existing packaging tools, but this was a tutorial for setuptools, build, twine, and pip.

Write Docs Devs Love: Ten Tricks To Level Up Your Tech Writing


Great talk, the speaker know how to make a show, even when presenting remotely. Everything sounds self-evident, but can I apply it?

Demystifying Python’s Internals: Diving into CPython by implementing a pipe operator


Great informative talk. Shows how code is executed e2e using a simple (or at first sight simple) example.